Tracy Chapman 
Behavioural Expert & Animal Trainer



Tracy teaches all levels of obedience training and deals with the behavioural cases, she also teaches the advanced agility courses & pay as u go courses. 

BSc Hons Animal Behaviour Science
National Diploma in Animal Care and Management
Qualified Guide Dog Trainer for Guide dogs for the blind
An Award of Excellence from Millennium Volunteers
Trained as a trainee veterinary nurse and groomer​
Certificate in Animal handling, training and Instructing- a course that put a rescue dog through the good citizen scheme
Attended T-touch workshops and courses, Aggression Seminars, Annual Day Seminars with Companion Animal Behaviour Study Group
Passed step 1 and step 2 pets at home management levels.
Certified in Animal Fist Aid (redone qualification in 2011)
Certificate in pet store management
Certificate in safe use of veterinary medicines
Qualified Nutrition Counsellor
A Master Dog Trainer with Guild of dog Trainers​
A Full Member of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers
A Full Member of the Canine Hydrotherapy Association (CHA)​
Level 3 certificate in Canine Hydrotherapy with small animals from Hawksmoor Training Centre
Buddy's Award from Hawksmoor for the student that showed the most outstanding contribution during their assessment day in the hydrotherapy pool.
Attended a day course in canine communication and body language.​
BAT (Behaviour Adjustment Training) for Puppies through to Adult Dogs; Prevention and Rehabilitation of Aggression, fear and frustration Course
Managing & Training, Behaviour Counselling, Puppy & Adult Classes, a 4 day course by Dr Iain Dunbar​ ​
Dog Law course by Trevor Cooper​
Victoria Stilwell (it's me or the dog) Seminar on Common dog issues and aggression in dogs.
Behaviour Adjustment ​Training Instructors Course for 5 days, passed the exam to become a CBATI
A Shadow day at School for Paws in Shrewsbury
Puppy Development course with IMDT (institute of Modern dog trainers)
4 day Instructors course with IMDT​​​​
A seminar in Force Free dog Training by Chriag Patel​
Wag Together Conference at A4D talks on Dog Reactivity/aggression by James Carroll, Debbie Busby & Sarah HB​​
​2​ day Trick training course with Nando Brown 
Agility 3 day Instructors course Level 1 Kim Hunt​
Agility 3 day Instuctors course Level 2 Kim Hunt​
Shadowing the UK champion in Agility Shaun Hunt ​
Scent work Level 1 by Helen Greenly​
5 days shadowing Crufts Champion Di Martin​ in scent work & obedience
Bite Prevention Seminars - Victoria Stilwell MAY​
Wag Together Conference at A4D talks by BUD programme, hearing dogs & Di Martin (crufts champion) doing a demo/talk​
How to change predatory chase behaviour in dogs by David Ryan Seminar​
Clicker Exp 3 Day conference 2014 & 2015
Happy Recallers by Nando Brown in December​
Canine Nutrition Course & raw feeding
Training Chickens level 1 with Chirag Patel
Professional Animal Trainers Level 1 course at Paradise Zoo in london
Training Chickens level 2 with Chirag Patel​​
Dog Assault course
​Bite Prevention course​ 2014 & 2015
Ken Ramirez course
Chicken Training level 3​- polishing a dog trainers motor skills
Grumpy Dog Course IMDT​
Dog Training with Iain Dunbar 
Dolphin Training Academy Basic Award Training, Mexico
Dolphin Training Academy Advanced Award Training, Mexico​
Susan Friedman 2 days course in animal behaviour​​
Visit to Amazing Animals
​Separation Anxiety training course with Positive Animal Solutions
National Bite Prevention Course​
Dog Precision course​
Dog KC Sports ​course​
Tracy has 16 years of experience with dogs. ​​She has also previously worked for a large organisation as a full time dog trainer, teaching puppy & adult obedience courses, agility classes for beginners & advanced, one to one training, good citizen classes (bronze, silver and gold), training for boarding dogs and working in their dog creche facility. She also has worked in a canine hydrotherapy pool for 3 years for a dog centre doing fun and medical swims. She has also been a kennel manager for a large kennels in Cheshire and has done over 600 hours of volunteering in vets, kennels and groomers. All this hands on experience alongside her qualifications and working as a guide dogs trainer, tracy has a very good understanding of how dogs think and learn. She owns three dogs, a Labrador, a rescue Cavalier King Charles, an Italian Spinone and she also has a family Yorkshire Terrier Millie whom she looks after also.

Tracy tries to keep her knowledge up to date by going on courses every year, her next courses are;

Woof Conference feb 2017
Kathy Sado course Sept 2017
Dog Cognition course​​ April 2017
Doggie yoga & multi dog training workshop by Nando brown & Jo Rosie at Academy 4 Dogs August 2017
Dinner with Trainers in London Dec 2017​​
Dog fest tickets​













The Academy 4 Dogs Ltd & Happy Hounds DTS Ltd staff info 

Tracy (owner) ​Dog Trainer & behaviourist
Company Director for A4D Ltd & HH​ DTS Ltd
Melanie Dog Trainer & Assistant Manager
Happy Hounds DTS Ltd​
Nicola Dog Trainer & Manager
Happy Hounds DTS Ltd​
Tracy on Top Dog on BBC with her pet dog Woody!
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Melanie has done​​​​​ a BSc in Animal Behaviour Science and has a big love for dogs, she wants to be a dog trainer, she is a bubbly girl and a very capable handler and is now looking after our low energy and high energy packs. She is training up on reception to handle enquiries and will in the future be training up in our Hydrotherapy department.​

Mel has completed Level 1 in Pet Care
Completed Animal First Aid course by Rachel Bean
T-touch workshop by Rachel Jackson​
Agility 3 day 'Training for Trainers' course Level 1- Kim Hunt​​
Agility 3 day 'Training for Trainers' course Level 2- Kim Hunt​​
Attended Dog Bite Prevention in June 2015​
Attended Ken Ramirez in June 2015
Attended Iain Dunbar behaviour course 2015​
Qualified in Dog Handler level 1 exam​​​

Dog Trainer & Manager

Nicola ​is a lovely person with a bubbly personality, she is sweet with dogs yet can control a pack of dogs with ease. Out of Academy 4 Dogs she is a qualified make up artist & hair stylist. Before getting the job wtih A4D she volunteered in all 4 paws for a few months first getting some hands on experience with dogs & training/handling dogs.  She has two dogs Darwin & Lexi.

Certificate in Canine First Aid & CPR.
Dog Handler level 1
​​Attending a grumpy dogs course in July
Trained ​under Tracy in agility, shadowing & now teaching her own agility classes
Raw Diet Course by Caroline Griffins
Dog Precision Training course 2016

Trainee Dog Trainer


​​​Jess has trained her dog Josie through all the courses at A4D & currently is working next to Tracy learning how to become a dog trainer. She is hard working & committed to learning everything to training dogs.

She has passed her dog handler level 1 & is booked on some courses throughout 2017​​

Lauren & Abi
Pet Carers

​​​Both Lauren & Abi that work in daycare at Academy 4 Dogs do work under our training department Happy Hounds helping out in classes & in training the daycare dogs.






Dog Trainer & Assistant Manager
Steph Dog Handler ​level 1 (Pet Carer)
Academy 4 Dogs Ltd​
Lauren Pet Carer​
Academy 4 Dogs​ Ltd & Happy Hounds DTS Ltd
Jess Trainee Dog Trainer
Happy Hounds DTS Ltd​
Rhiannon Volunteer
(till may 2017)​
Sam Pet Carer
Academy 4 Dogs Ltd​
Abigail Dog Handler level 1 (Pet Carer)
Academy 4 Dogs Ltd & Happy Hounds DTS Ltd​
Katie Pet Carer
Academy 4 Dogs Ltd​
Info on our services:

​​The dog training school Happy Hounds staff & the daycare Academy 4 Dogs staff are pictured on this page.

Below is some information on the trainers that are training your dogs in Happy Hounds Dog Training school​​

Our Happy Hounds team run the phone lines, do home visits, park training, outside classes, they go in to A4Ds doggie daycare & train the daycare dogs & run inside classes at the Academy 4 Dogs.​, Stockport.

Academy 4 Dogs work in the daycare facility & grooming service at the centre in stockport. ​​

​​Academy 4 Dogs specialises in pet care & Happy Hounds specialises in training of your dogs.