Happy Hounds Dog Training presents Reactive Bootcamp;

​​We provide bootcamps for dogs that have fear, anxiety, aggression or frustration towards other people and dogs.

Join the Reactivity Boot Camp and become part of a community of owners that know how you feel;​​
Reactivity Boot Camp
Reactivity Boot Camp is for dogs with fearful or aggressive reactivity with other dogs or people.

Does your dog growl? air snap? lunge? or bark? back away? shake? drool?

​​Then this course is to re-educate your dog so they realise that there is a way out, they don't have to react in a negative way towards other dogs and people they can learn to communicate how they feel to their owners and their owners will be able to know what to achieve to prevent the dog going over threshold and reacting.

Whats included;

​​​​* A full profile assessment (worth £45) done prior to the course (this is done over the phone & takes about 20 minutes. NB If this phone assessment is missed without 48 hours notice then you will need to pay £45 for a new appointment slot for your phone interview as this is necessary in order to attend the bootcamp.

* You will learn safe and effective handling techniques for reactive dogs

* Be able to understand your dog and the calming signals they are showing you.
* 8 sessions of reactivity classes with a qualified trainer/behaviourist.

* You will learn ​how to set up Artificial set ups with other owners of RBC and how to deal with Natural set ups (how to deal with the publics dogs). 

* You will also have access to the REACTIVITY BOOT CAMP (RBC) MEMBERS FORUM where you will be able to chat and arrange controlled greetings with other owners in similar situations. ​​​​​

This is a unique opportunity to continue reactivity training with other boot camp owners who understand your dogs needs.

The classes are held outside on road circuits but we meet at the Academy 4 Dogs centre in week 1.​​

If your dog has a bite history or we feel the aggression is above a level 7 on assessment they will need to wear a muzzle to class, we will show you how to condition the muzzle in week 1.

Week 1- No dogs attend, just owners to get the brief and methods to be used on the course (STOP & counter methods) to also practise their skills, we will also condition the muzzles (get them to associate the muzzle with something nice), teach look command and give you other methods/tools for your training tool belt. (1hr 30mins class)

Week 2- Lead work- getting to walk on a loose lead​​ (1 hour class)

Week 3,4, 5 - the dogs will be separated over these weeks, owners will attend all 8 weeks, the weeks your dogs attend will be allocated in week one. (these 3 classes are 1 hr 30 mins long)

Week 6,7- all dogs attend but they must have had at least 4 practise set ups ready for the class to be at this stage (1 hour class)

Week ​8- All dogs attend, will be distributed at distances that they feel comfortable with walky talkies.​​​​​​​​​​ (1 hour long)

£300 for 8 week Reactivity Boot Camp​​ (includes access to members forum)
All classes are 1 hour long ​(apart from week 3,4,5 which are 1 hr 30 mins)

STOP Training
Client comments on our chat area that are on our Boot Camp, these comments have been written on the private part of the boot camp website;

"​​When I saw her next to other dogs,I had a little tearful moment. She's doing a lot better at home no barking in the house not even when there is dogs on the TV. She has even stopped reacting in the car to people and other cars"

"​​Rex has been doing great, my neighbor has a yappy jack russel been using her when shes at the fence for his stop training (little cheeky i know but its working) and an hour ago we passed them on the opposite of the road on his walk. No barking no lunging just a little excitement of his tail wagging"

​​"What a fantastic session! Lucy has improved so much I can't believe it. Last time we met she didn't stop barking the whole time but what a difference tonight!!Oliver would definitely give Archie a run for his money as a stooge dog. He was calm throughout the whole session and just lay down most of the time. Toby was great as well- as I was walking round the block to give Oliver and Lucy another go, we met two VERY reactive dogs on the street and he didn't bat an eye lid. It's definitely working"

"​​WOW Tracy you are a miracle worker. I have just had a meet up with Joan and Val. All the dogs were brilliant, but I have to say I was amazed to see the difference with Lucy in 1 week. We did stop with Oliver and we got within 2 ft and she appeared to want to go closer. Well done to Toby and Oliver they were really calm even when Lucy barked at them"

​​"Toby has had two brilliant interactions this week with dogs in close contact! He was giving all the right calming signals and they were in turn,respecting the fact he doesn't like "Full on" contact straight away and giving him time and space to take things slowly. It worked because by the end of it he was going in close and sniffing rear ends! It was brilliant and made me so happy"

"Thanks to the jogger and her jack Russell this morning. She had no idea I was using her and her pooch as stooges for six run pasts and all positive signals from Ruby. No STOP needed. Yeah!"

​​"Hi Tracy, I just want to say thank you, and how much I enjoyed the Reactive Boot Camp course. The format was great, allowing us to just watch some weeks and being able to arrange 'set ups' to practice has been really good. Hopefully the 'set ups'will continue. Thanks again ​"

"​​So glad me and Ruby did this course. I feel calmer and ruby seems much happier. Learnt so much, would recommend to anyone. Thanks to Tracy, rob and the team at the academy and to all the other dogs ( and their owners ) look forward to seeing you all again soon and the 'newbies' too"

"​​Loved the session today, in fact loved the whole course! Thank you Tracy and Rob for giving us the knowledge we needed to help our dogs cope with life- it feels great to be able to understand them better. Keep in touch everyone"

​​"Hi Guys, Well done to everyone on the course it's been gret fun but most of all worth every penny as now I have the skills and knowledge to continue the work with Mischa on STOP and BAT. It was lovely today being able to walk past other dogs without Mischa reacting.Thanks so much to Tracey and her amazing Team at A4D.​"

"I would like to thank Tracy & Rob its been a brilliant course and I have learnt so much. Thank You x"