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Not just Daycare! This is an educational experience for your dog.

Very different than your typical daycare, its a school for dogs​​

Awarded Grammar School status​​ by Caters News & The Sun newspapers

We train, care & stimulate your dog mentally & physically whilst you are at work or out.​​

WHY we station our creche dogs....
we do this so they learn the mat has a high reinforcement history so they feel it's a great place to be. We teach this in classes so when they go in to a new place with new experiences, you can take your mat and they feel instantly reassured and relaxed on their mat.​

In daycare, it helps are handlers know when a dog wants some 'me' time & to teach them to relax together & be obedient as a group.​​
All our staff are Pet Care trained in reading dogs calming signals & warning signs & certified in Dog First Aid & CPR. All our staff once they have been with us 3 months get the opportunity to do their dog handler levels, there are 5 levels. This involves training dogs, learning higher level of knowledge in handling of dogs. 
All our staff are dog first aid & CPR trained, they do exams in dog handler level 1 & 2. The Happy Hounds Trainers come in & train the dogs in the daytime & train our daycare staff on interactions.
School Price List:

Full day (7am-6pm up to 11 hours) = £20 (£30 for 2 dogs, £40 for 3 dogs from the same household)​​
​Half Day (upto 5.5 hours) =                                         £15 per dog


Pay Weekly (5 consecutive days)​​​                                £90 (works out at £18 per day per dog)
Pay Monthly (20 consecutive weekdays)                    £320 (works out at £16 per day per dog)
Pay for 10 days (to be taken within 3 months)​​            £185 (works out at £18.50 per day per dog)

Out of Hours​​

After school club-                                                   ​ £3 between 6-6.30pm (pre booking required)​​​

Late fee; If you have not booked ​​an after school club then if you were late to pick up without calling there would be a charge of £5 for every 15 minutes.
Our creche is supervised by 7 trainers, Alongside our Academy 4 Dogs pet care team of 6. Social interactions are monitored by the Blue uniformed Happy Hounds Trainers, Daycare team in red look after your dog, play with them & do activities with them. We are very lucky to have the Happy Hounds training school help us with our mixing of dogs & running reception to make sure all runs smoothly. All interactions are carefully monitored to make sure we have pack harmony at all times...We can only take males upto 6 months of age un-neutered & females up to their first season (as long as they aren't causing any problems in the packs).

For Information on our team click here for their info & qualifications​​​​

​​Kiera's Palace & Oliver's dreams room-These rooms are both down time rooms & training time with TV's in both (all our rooms are named after dogs that have sadly passed away the year before this centre opened;
Holly's Play​ Wood- where are packs come together in the school play ground
The Play Yard- (purpose built roof on so they can play out in all weathers)
We have a large indoor play arena (pictured below)
Photo's & Videos go on our Facebook page daily for you to view your dog & the classes held at A4D.
Lights at night time so they can go out to play at all times
Water Fountain for the dogs
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We work differently than other daycares...

We think its IMPORTANT to separate our dogs in to temperament groups to make sure we insure pack harmony & good social skills.

Our dogs will meet a variety of dogs but are allocated in to their temperament packs of 5-15 dogs with a minimum of 1 handler per pack. Daycares that put​ all dogs into large packs together will be creating rude behaviours such as bullying & aggressive displays, we want to build & train them individually & our structure allows us to do that.

Every hour they do a different activity to stimulate them mentally & Physically.​​​​​​
Here is our timetable currently but this changes every few weeks...​​
The first day....

If your dog is over 6 months they require an assessment with the owner Tracy​​ & her pet dogs. If they pass the off lead assessment, they stay that same day all day, you go home & pick up between 4-6pm (only on first day) to give them enough time to learn routine. If your dog is under 6 months they don't require an assessment just a trial day on their first day.

First days take place on a Tuesday between 10-11am assessment slots.​​ All dogs have 5 trial days before achieving permanent place in the Academy.

We have a percentage of each breed group & age groups in daycare so some groups are full so call for availability.

Your dog after it's 5th day will get their school bandana & as long as they attend once per month they keep their place.

After your first day all bookings are taken via (you never get turned away), its for an email trail. You can drop off between 7-11 & pick up between 1-6pm, we do a late fee till 6.30pm for £3.  

​​We don't provide a transportation service to & from daycare.

​​​​​​​ ​​