Client Comments

These comments below have been submitted by our clients between the dates of Aug 11th 2006- July 2010

" Lily is a strong will lab/shepherd cross who was rescued at 14 months old. A year on and she was still showing a very dominant streak, visitors avoided the house like the plague and phone calls were even an issue! After one visit from Tracy and some intensive training, i am a happier, as friends can visit again. The down side is the phone bill has gone up as i can talk freely now!! Lily is far more settled now she knows that i am boss". " A follow up session was also used to assist me in being able to control whilst out and about, as she started to dominate other dogs. This was also successful, the skills given to me by Tracy to achieve this are simple and easy to follow, which is what you need when trying to control a large dog".

Sharon Heginbotham

" I Contacted Tracy purely by fluke- we just brought a 5 month old ridgeback that i knew would need training- a dog that big, out for walks with two young kids could be a disaster! I saw Tracy's advert on the board at the local pet shop and contacted her without realizing the benefit we would reap! Tracy came to the house where she observed Tava with the family- fascinating! Tava was a dominant dog and i was doing all the things to encourage that! No more cuddles on the sofa, going out the door before us etc! Three sessions later and a lot of time and effort (can't believe how like kids they are). Tava and I have learn't a whole host of new behaviours- thanks Tracy!"

Julie Duckett

" Just a quick note to thank Tracy for her wonderful work and also help others feel confident that even though when the training starts, their dog may seem a little enstranged (believe me, mine was) they they will soon settle down and come back to their normal self. when i first started, Henry became very unsettled and put out of joint , due to the changes he had to undergo, the addition of a new baby and also the extremity on my part (which i took the training to the other extreme). But like advised , within a couple of days he was back to his old douge ways but with a lot more obedience and control, he is also walking like a gentleman on his lead now! Which believe me is no easy task for such a strong dog! So thanks for the brilliant training and guidance. Which has really given me an insight into the physiology of dogs, how they behave and how we need to behave".

Dave Corbett (email

" Tansey T has been a regular guest at Tracy's House, being elderly and having an overprotective owner (me), she is properly not the easiest dog to take care for, but Tracy and her carers have been 3 levels above fantastic! Tracy keeps me upto date via text messages and comphrensive emails and latter include close up photos of Tansey, playing, sleeping and just being plain inquisitive. She is in beautiful condition, and is so happy on her holidays with Tracy. I'm sure she thinks she's in a five star hotel but without the hassle. She is really going to enjoy her day out with Tracy at southport at the end of next week. Would i unreservedly recommend a stay at Tracy's house ? You bet i would".

Jackie Ruscoe (

" Having just adopted a very active puppy named Rambo, we called on Tracy to help. After our first session , Rambo stopped jumping up on the furniture and us! Now we have learn't to walk nicely on the lead and are now working on recall. I'm amazed at the results, thanks Tracy for all your help"

Tamar & Steven Wood 

"I would just like to say a huge thankyou, as Max showed signs of huge improvements in the agility lessons. I am looking forward to the intermediate class. I would definately recommend this to anyone with any problems big or small as i know they can be solved with a little patience and help from Tracey. She stopped Max pulling and it is now a dream to walk him as people stop and say how old is he because he is so well behaved. He is now nearly 7 months and is growing fast".

Jessica (

" Milly is currently 7 months old and is an extremely confident & boisterous puppy- at 30kg and growing fast this is / was a big problem. At an early age she was fast to learn basic commands (sit, down etc), but lead work, jumping up etc was some things we were making very little progress in despite attending another dog training school on a weekly basis previously. After meeting up with Henry's owners, I couldn't believe how well mannered and well behaved he was on lead & when dave (his owner) said he had similar problems to us and that he had solved the pulling and jumping up in only 3 sessions, i thought weve got to give this Tracy a go! We have now completed three sessions (hierarchy , lead work, jumping up) and the results are absolutely astonishing. In my opinion these results have been achieved by using a professional dog training rather than persevering with someone that dog trains as a hobby. Also understanding the psychology behind the training is extremely important when establishing a hierarchy which is a foundation of all training. To have a guide dog trainer in your house giving you 121 advise, with out doubt, is the fastest way to solve your dogs problems. I would also say that Tracey has never clock watched & has given us fantastic value for money".

James Garner (

" Tia is a very lonely but sociable dog , shw wants me to own a pack of dogs around the size of cesar milan's pack as she gets very bored of human company. As this is not possible, the odd day out with Tracy and the gang, kind of makes me feel a little less guilty for refusing to get a second dog. They pick her up in the morning and take her to somewhere really nice with lots of other dogs that she can play with, she even found herself a boyfriend on the last trip. Then they bring her back smelling all nice and fluffy after her bath in the evening, giving you virtually a whole Sunday to get something else done. Fantastic Service!"

Melanie (

" Lexi and Sam were both terrible for jumping up at us, strangers and furniture. Just one session with Tracy has mean't that both dogs are 100% perfect now, no more jumping up (which is a relief- no more black eyes!) they are so much more polite to visitors and fellow walkers. We still have a way to go with general training in our next sessions but a significant improvment has been made, thank you so much Tracy" 

Lisa Smales 

" I and my partner have been attending the socialisation classes for around 6 months now with our puppy Pharaoh Hound and 8 year German Shepherd.The sessions are just fantastic as they give you an increased confidence handling your dog, practise with off lead recall and are great exercise for pets and people alike. Tracy won runs the sessions is a veritable fountain of canine knowledge and her enthusiasm for dogs is contagious"

Nicola Partridge ( 

" Bailey has been to puppy training with another school and came second in his group. However he was terrible on lead. He was big, bouncy and very energetic making it dangerous to be pulled down the road. We had tried halti, gentle leaders, harnesses etc, nothing worked. There is nothing more attractive than a big well behaved dog is walking down the street, there is nothing more frightening than the opposite". "I had heard people comment that gentle leaders look like a muzzle, which is when i contacted Tracy. With one session and weeks of hard work he has improved 100%. We a have binned the old collars and only use a normal collar and lead now. He is young and still needs reinforcing at times, much happier and the children can now walk im safely". 

Joan Redfern

We recently brought a standard poodle puppy who was all fluffy and cuddley. So making her be good wasn't an issue, but as all dogs do she grew big and very full of herself. When we came in from shopping she jumped up all over us , its quite difficult when you have things in you hands to try and calm her down. 

We came to a decision that she needed training as she jumped over guests who called and she was the same in the street and if she saw another dog she nearly pulled us over. We had heared about Tracy from a recommendation we now think that one to one training is much better. 

Tracy came in and we had Carla in another room to start with while we talked and then we let her in and so in came Carla running all over the place, what Tracy did next altered the whole way Carla behaved. Just in 24 hours , Carla became a different dog no more jumping up on the bed or the settee and no more nearly knocking perople over. 

You must really keep up what Tracy does its not just the dog who gets trained its the owners as well. We are now upto recall in our training which is going well. We have a whistle and we use that around the house when we want her and when out in the park. we are getting there . We have also done some leadwork, Carla allways pulled but now doing what Tracy told us to do she is a different dog, we both love going out for walks now she walks with a loose lead, we cant say she's perfect yet but we are getting there, you need a lot of patience and love, but its all worth while, Thank you Tracy"

Amanda Gandy - Sat, 10th April, 2010
We attended the opening day for the new center.We was asked to do the Agility demo.It was a great day and was a great turn out.Kia (jack russell terrier) did amazing she did me so proud.Everything we know about Agility,is all down to Tracy.She is a amazing trainer.What i like is that say your dog has a funny moment she will turn into a joke and just carry on her postive attuide towards training really makes it fun.Even thou the center has been moved abit further away iam pleased to say after some good thinking we are going back to do some more training.This will be our third time on the advance course.But its all worth it.So to Tracy and all the other members of staff keep the good work up.
Sue Lambert - Fri, 23rd April, 2010
Monty is a big, beautiful Belgian Shepherd, who is extremely confident and would like to be in charge. Although he has attended the Good Citizen and Intermediate Obedience training endourced by the Kennel Club he continued to be a handful during walks and dominant at home. Tracy observed him and then created a plan for us to follow over the next couple of weeks before we started on lead work. He would pull very badly on the lead and had to wear a choke chain in case he slipped his collar. Within less than 5 minutes of working with Tracy during the lead training he was like a new dog, obedient, calm and realising that the person walking him is actually 'in charge'. I have seen other dog trainers with the dogs that I have had over the years and can honestly say that Tracy has been the most effective trainer ever, using kindness and fun to create change. I have needed to keep up working to the rules that I was given, as Monty will easily slip back to his old ways if the chance is given. I am hoping that soon he will be able to attend the creche and have fun socialising.
Joan Hazelhurst. - Mon, 24th May, 2010
Hi Tracy, 

Had to let you know I walked Oliver up the dreaded Spring Ave today and he was perfect on his lead. It was fantastic. Thank you so much.

Catherine Tetlow - Wed, 23rd June, 2010
Rufus is a Tibetan Terrier which due to prior ownership of others,they can be willful and very bouncy dogs. Since Tracey has been to my house to train him and alot of work on my behalf, he no longer bounces on anyone and can walk past dogs ignoring them. Rufus would not listen to me off lead, and recently due to Traceys techniques of recall i tested them on a seven mile beach in the outer Hebrides and he was amazing. He comes back to me immediately and he is calm and incredibley obedient now. He is only 15 months old and people are often commenting on how well behaved he is and calm he is, no more chewing doors,bouncing on people and other dogs. Tracey has simple and effect techniques, which have payed off because Rufus won a medal in Tracey's agility class for obedience. Thank you Traceyxx

June Peckard (Molly) - Tues, 9th Nov, 2010

A vision i never thought i'd see from molly lying on my rug very relaxed and calm. As u warned she's challenged EVERY one of her new rules but am following your methods to the letter and it WORKS! 

Molly cant believe it applies to home but is fast learning that i am another Tracy!!! I've been barked at more this afternoon for daring to be  boss than in my entire life but she is already SO much calmer & well behaved by following your amazing regime & i will be keeping it up forever (though have to admit it not easy to ignore that little face when she comes to demand attention!). 

U have truly changed our lives and even though it's early days and i have my work but out i can now see light at the end of the tunnel where before there was none! THANK YOU SO MUCH ONCE AGAIN for your kindness, expertise and RESULTS! 

Will be sending you an update email soon. Very best wishes - June and  the new reformed Molly!

Peter Harrison (Maisie) -  Fri 21st Jan, 2011

Hi Tracy and crew 

Thank you very much for the work you have done with maisie She is now a much better dog ,behaving so much better with billy my labdrador . much less hard nipping and pestering of the older boy and indeed the family . seems you and the "pack" have taught her much that the older dog could or would not. She will be back to see you all again soon

Vicky Litherland (Ruby)- Sat 16th April 2012

​​​​Just wanted to say thanks to you Tracey (& Steph) for the one2one session. Took Ruby out last night and she didn't show any interest in the dogs we came accross. We walked past a house who's owners were in the garden with thier Rottweiler who as soon as he saw Ruby ran towards her now normally she'd have barked but she was really calm. Fingers crossed if i keep on top of it she'll finally behave everytime we go out and meet other dogs..X X....

Gail (Jasper's mum) - 4th Aug 2012

I​​​​d like to say a BIG thank you to Tracy and the Team for looking after my baby boy today. He njoyed himself so much, he's exhausted now !! I'm sure he cannot wait for his next stay at the Doggy Creche x....

Liz Saidall (Millie)- Fri 8th June 2012

​​​​Pay as u go Agility - an excellent class this week and Millie's new found confidence on the seesaw and the closed tunnel was "Icing on the cake" for me. Thanks Tracy.....

Jo Llyod (Jack)- Fri 8th June 2012

​​​​Jack and i had our first walk on our own today with me feeling in control not being pulled all over, still got a way to go but he only tried to get in front of me 4 times which i dealt with using the steps you taught us on the one to one for lead work thank you and the team for all your help and looking after Jack he loves coming to creche and swimming thanks again Jo and Chris....